SMC Pneumatics

SMC Pneumatic - Actuators, Valves, Fittings, Tubing, other Electrical Products

Actuators - SMC manufactures pneumatic and electric actuators, grippers, and air cylinders in a broad range of sizes and styles to meet almost any automation need. Whether you are working with electric actuators, or need a combination rotary linear cylinder, SMC has your solution.

Pneumatic valves and valve manifolds provide the logic that makes an automated system perform. SMC's valves are designed to conserve energy, and provide maximum flow rates.

Airline Equipment - To operate reliably, a pneumatic system needs clean dry air. SMC has a broad range of products to help address the needs of harsh industrial environments. From water and dust to oil and odors, SMC has the air filters, regulators and related equipment that you need to keep your air and machines performing.

Fittings & Tubing - SMC produces a comprehensive range of tubing, fittings, speed or flow controls, and related accessories. Specialized fittings for harsh environments, or high purity environments are available as well. Fittings and tubing work together to provide you with a leak-free, efficient, easy-to-use system to supply air to industrial automation systems.

Electric Actuators - SMC's electro-pneumatic regulators control the output air pressure or vacuum pressure in direct proportion to an electrical input signal. Electric actuators provide multiple stops and acceleration control.

Vacuum - SMC vacuum products vary from vacuum pads with a variety of connection styles and pad types to vacuum ejectors/generators available as single units or modular designs with both vacuum release and main supply valves. We offer vacuum filters which help prevent dust and particulates from entering vacuum circuits.

Dryers - SMC's Refrigerated Dryers include cooling ratings of 3-75kW. Compact designs offer a reduction in volume and weight, while also providing an increased level of air flow. With the use of a stainless steel heat-exchanger, these units provide long life and energy savings.

Temperature Control- SMC's range of chillers comes in 3 types: refrigerated, water-cooled and peltier-type. The HRS series is available in four nominal cooling capacities from 1.2 - 5 kW to serve a wide variety of applications. Utilizing a refrigeration circuit, the HRS provides temperature stability of +/- 0.18 deg F (0.1 deg C), HRS chillers can be used within an operating range of 41 ~ 104 deg F (5 ~ 40 deg C). The compact design of HRS chillers allows them to be placed under workbenches and in close proximity to one another. The HRS chiller includes a robust self-diagnostic program and design features that can improve many processes via efficient temperature control.

SMC Pneumatic - Actuators, Valves, Fittings, Tubing, other Electrical Products

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