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With a selection of 2,000 plus tools, Automation Depot is your first stop for Klein Tools for nearly any industrial application. Klein began making tools in 1857 for linesmen, initially starting out making pliers, and then as industries grew, Klein grew and started making other types of tools to meet the needs of linesmen and other professional tradesmen. Today Klein makes a full line of industrial tools including 165 different types of pliers, insulated tools, conduit benders, testers, meters and fish tapes. Their market has grown to include industries such as construction, mining and general industry, in addition to electrical and telecommunications. And to keep the tradesmen in these fields safe, Klein has extended their product line up to include occupational safety gear such as harnesses and hard hats.

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Klein Tools’ ability to grow with industries has helped them establish a name across the United States and internationally. It has also enabled them to sustain a well-established network of agents and distributors through which their tools are sold. Klein has built a reputation for professional quality products by using the best quality materials and the latest in modern manufacturing technology, made right here in the U.S.A. And to top it off, their tools are backed by a warranty that covers all defects caused by workmanship, though you’ll be hard pressed to find a quality issue with a Klein tool.

When you are in need of quality, professional tools to get the job done, come to Automation Depot. Weather you need a Master Electrician’s Kit, Swivel Handle Tube Bender or occupational safety equipment, Automation Depot has you covered.

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