Hoffman Enclosures

Hoffman Enclosures - Protects Sensitive Commercial & Industrial EquipmentHoffman is a leading designer and manufacturer of systems to safely and reliably protect the electronic controls and mission critical electrical systems in industrial, data communications, commercial construction and government applications. In applications ranging from construction to telecommunications, from harsh outdoor control environments to sanitary manufacturing conditions, from industrial to institutional, Hoffman is the preferred brand of enclosures, setting the standard for excellence and service worldwide.

Hoffman protects your equipment, your controls, your information, your power supplies, your vital electronic assets and your ability to do business. Building the right enclosures for a wide variety of applications is what Hoffman does best.

Hoffman has created standard, modified, and custom-built enclosures for thousands of customers across a diverse range of industries. From the clean-room to the factory floor, Hoffman Enclosures protect sensitive equipment from dust, dirt, oil, water, corrosion and other contaminants.

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