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Appleton Electrical Construction Parts - LED Lighting Since 1903, the Appleton brand has been the hallmark for electrical products designed to protect people and equipment while delivering reliable power. Appleton supplies the widest range of lighting fixtures, electrical fittings, plugs and receptacles, control stations, distribution panels and more. All are manufactured with the highest quality materials and finishes. Appleton product lines offer certified protection for any environment, from ordinary commercial settings to hazardous locations and the harshest industrial conditions – onshore or offshore, in any region of the world.

Mercmaster™ LED luminaires provide next generation energy efficiency and safety for locations subject to severe weather conditions, vibration and shock, corrosive chemicals and hazardous atmospheres. With twice the utilization efficiency of an HID lamp, no mercury and a beam that gives off no heat, LED is an exceptionally “green” lighting technology that will become increasingly prevalent in industrial settings worldwide. Mercmaster LED luminaires set the standard for proven quality, reliability and durability.

Enclosed and Gasketed Lighting - EGS Electrical Group manufactures enclosed and gasketed lighting for applications for use virtually anywhere that weather, corrosion or hazardous vapors and dusts can be a problem.

Explosionproof HID Lighting - EGS Electrical Group’s explosionproof HID luminaires are available in complete range of wattages and voltages in high pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide and metal halide. Efficient lighting for areas exposed to hazardous vapors, gases or dusts.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs have been available since the late 1960s, and have steadily progressed in cost-effectiveness, color options, light output and efficiency. Thanks to ongoing advancements LED applications have grown exponentially but until now have not included industrial settings, hazardous locations or parking garages. Let’s start with an overview of the features that make LED lighting suitable, and in many cases superior, for nearly any industrial lighting application. Well designed LED luminaires are:

LED is Efficient - The main driver for LED adoption is effi ciency. Achieving the lighting levels required for a particular application at the lowest possible energy input becomes critical as energy costs rise and as government regulations clamp down on waste of energy resources.

LEDs are highly directional - LED luminaires can be configured to produce virtually any horizontal and vertical distribution of light, from illuminating a tall, narrow fenceline for security purposes to providing area lighting that allows production crews to work efficiently and safely.

LED is “Green” - Properly designed, an LED fixture produces a pleasant and eminently usable white light. But LED is also remarkably “green.” Several factors combine to give LED the smallest environmental footprint of any manufactured source.

LED is non-toxic - LED lighting is also the only non-incandescent lighting source that contains no mercury. This eliminates any chance for mercury to escape into the environment either in operation or after disposal.

LED is Cool - If you own an LED flashlight, you know that LEDs put out very little heat. No matter how bright, you can touch the light source indefinitely with no discomfort. Moreover, LEDs produce no harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

LEDs are Resistant to shock, vibration and corrosion - LEDs can be used in environments where other technologies fail – either prematurely or catastrophically.

LEDs are Low maintenance - Rugged and long running, LED lighting requires very little maintenance. If you choose a fixture with an intelligent modular design, even end-of-life replacement of components becomes quick and simple.

LED is the Future - LED industrial lighting is here today, and it’s here to stay. The benefits it provides simply can’t be ignored, either by end users or manufacturers. Even local and national governments are taking notice of the benefits as they increasingly focus on the problems of energy consumption, greenhouse gases, pollutants, and toxic waste.

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